A note from the director

“LEGACY”, our competitive dance team program, offers our students the chance to take their training to a new level through the exciting world of competitive dance. Legacy members progress at an accelerated rate by way of more classes, intensive training, private lessons and various performance opportunities.

The Legacy program emphasizes the “team experience”. We stress such sound work habits as responsibility, dependability, initiative, adjusting to situations, coping with disappointments and working with others as a unified group…Attributes we hope will remain with your child through school and into adulthood.

It is our belief that this experience should be available to any student willing to take the challenge, respect the rules and work toward team goals. For this reason, Legacy teams are open to students ages four and older, at several different levels. Placement is determined by our faculty and staff based on age, technical ability, previous training and overall attitude.

We hope you will join the Legacy family this season, and if you should have any questions not answered on this site, please feel free to direct them to our office.

Legacy General Requirements

  • Students ages seven and older are expected to participate in all classes offered in the summer intensive in order to be considered for placement on the Legacy Dance Team. These classes should be taken at the students level (unless otherwise instructed by staff). Participation in the summer workshop does not guarantee placement on a team, and members are chosen by our staff on the basis of skill, effort, talent, cooperation, attendance and behavior.
  • Dance team members must attend a minimum of three(sunshine team) to six(all other teams) class hours weekly. Weekly classes provide technique in ballet, tap, lyrical, and jazz as well as choreography for all performances. In addition, all team members must attend six hours of production rehearsal(scheduled during the months of January and/or February. All team members will participate in the Legacy Festival Performance scheduled in February.
  • Only nine hours(sunshine team) and eighteen hours(all other teams) of absent time will be allowed for the season, which begins in September and ends with our recital performance. In the event of minor illness or injury students may sit and observe class…However, this will only be allowed on three occasions. Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated, and infractions of the attendance policy may result in expulsion from the team.
  • Legacy Members will compete in tap, jazz and production routines, and will participate in four events. In addition, team members may elect to compete with solo, duo, trio or small group routines at the discretion of the director and faculty.
  • Students must be available for competitions from mid-February through mid-May. Parents, competition involves commitment to the TEAM… Please do not plan vacations, school trips or other functions during these months if doing so will conflict with classes, rehearsals and performances.
  • All team members must have a regulation Legacy Dance Team Uniform, to be worn at awards ceremonies and other Legacy functions.
  • Legacy members must adhere to the dress code, and female students must wear their hair in a bun for class and performance.
  • Tuition is divided into ten monthly payments, September through June. Your tuition includes all classes, choreography, rehearsals, costumes, entry fees and taping costs. This fee does not include tuition for solo, duo, trio or small group lessons, costumes and entry fees for same.
  • Sportsmanship is stressed…Both student members and their parents are expected to treat staff, faculty and each other in a courteous fashion throughout the season. Inappropriate behavior will be considered grounds for dismissal from the team.
  • A parent /staff meeting will be held sometime in October to discuss the schedule for the upcoming season…all participating members must have a parent or other adult representative at this meeting.

Legacy Dress Code

  • Male Dancers: Solid white T-shirt; black pants or tights; appropriate shoes*
  • Female Dancers: Regulation team leotard; pink tights for ballet, suntan tights allowed for other classes; tights must be worn under leotard and with feet unless otherwise instructed; appropriate shoes*
  • NOTE: No swimwear, skirts, skirted leotards, pants shorts, crop tops or thong leotards allowed. Regulation pants may be worn for tap and jazz class. A solid color leotard and pink, black or suntan tights may be worn for private lessons. Female students must wear their hair in a bun for class and performance, unless otherwise noted
  • *Pink ballet shoes for females; black leather ballet shoes for males; Tap and Jazz shoe style and color to be determined at a later date.