This Schedule is Subject to Change

2021/2022 Schedule of Classes

Ages 15-36 Months

Wednesdays9:00-9:30 amSide By Side
Saturdays9:00-9:30 amSide By Side

Ages 2-3 Years

Wednesdays9:30-10:00 amImagination Station
Saturdays9:30-10:00 amImagination Station

Ages 3-4 Years

Wednesdays10:00-11:00 amFirst Steps
Wednesdays11:00-11:30 amTiny Tumblers
Wednesdays4:00-5:00 pmFirst Steps
Saturdays10:00-11:00 amFirst Steps
Saturdays11:00-11:30 pmTiny Tumblers

Ages 5-7 Years

Tuesdays4:00-5:30 pmHappy Feet
Saturdays11:00-11:30 amTiny Tumblers
Saturdays12:00-1:30 pmHappy Feet

Ages 7-11 Years

Mondays4:00-5:00 pmTap Technique
Mondays5:00-6:00 pmJazz Technique
Mondays6:00-7:00 pmAcro/Tumbling
Mondays7:00-8:00 pmHip Hop
Tuesdays4:00-5:30 pmBallet Technique (ages 9-12)
Thursdays4:00-5:00 pmModern Technique
Thursdays6:00-7:00 pmLyric/Cont. Technique
Saturdays1:30-3:30 pmFancy Footwork

Ages 12 & Up

Mondays6:00-7:00 pmTap Technique
Mondays7:00-8:00 pmJazz Technique
Mondays8:00-9:00 pmHip Hop
Tuesdays6:00-7:30 pmAdv/Int Ballet Technique (ages 12 & up)
Tuesdays7:30-8:30 pmLyric/Cont Technique (ages 12 & up)
Wednesdays5:00-6:30 pmAdv/Int Ballet Technique (ages 11 & up)
Wednesdays6:30-8:30 pmFancy Footwork
Wednesdays7:30-8:30 pmAdv/Int Lyric/Cont Technique (ages 12 & up)
Thursdays7:00-8:00 pmAdv/Int Modern Technique

Adult Classes

Mondays8:00-8:45 pmAdult Beginner Tap
Thursdays8:00-9:00 pmAdult Intermediate Tap

Legacy Dance Team

Tiny/Mini Level (ages 4-8)
Mondays4:00-5:00 pmTiny Choreo
Mondays5:00-6:00 pmMini Choreo
Petite/Junior Level (ages 8-12)
Tuesdays4:00-5:30 pmBallet Technique
Tuesdays5:30-6:30 pmTap Technique
Tuesdays6:30-7:30 pmRehearsals
Thursdays5:00-6:00 pmLyric Technique
Thursdays6:00-7:00 pmJazz Technique
Thursdays7:00-8:00 pmRehearsals
Teen/Senior Level (ages 13 & up)
Tuesdays6:00-7:30 pmBallet Technique
Tuesdays7:30-8:30 pmTap Technique
Tuesdays8:30-9:30 pmRehearsals
Wednesdays5:00-6:30 pmBallet/Pointe
Wednesdays6:30-7:30 pmJazz Technique
Wednesdays7:30-8:30 pmContemporary Tech
Wednesdays8:30-9:30 pmRehearsals
Thursdays7:00-8:00 pmModern Technique
Thursdays8:00-9:00 pmRehearsals